Auto-FBI Video Demo


         Click here for the video


The demo shows a system using Auto-FBI with three conflict of interest classes:


(1)           General,

(2)           Banking, and

(3)           Online Shopping.


The banking class has been defined with a few specific banks, the online shopping was defined with specific online shopping sites, and everything else is in the general class.


The particular execution here shows how entering a URL or clicking a link in any class will result in the content being displayed by the particular browser instance for that class or an instance is created if none exists already. In the execution, is accessed, then a new tab is used to access the New York Times website. When a bank site is accessed, a new browser instance is created. When another bank site is accessed from the newly created banking instance, the new URL is handled by the banking instance. Note that the browser used to handle banking sites is Firefox while the browser used to handle the general browsing and the online shopping sites is chrome (specified in a configuration file)


When the URL for Facebook is entered in the banking instance, the URL is handled automatically by the general instance. This systems protects against:


(1)           Information Leakage

(2)           Cross-site request forgeries, and

(3)           Click-jacking